Children Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) Program

The Children's Services Program welcomes children ages 7 to 13 years old who have received a primary diagnosis of autism and other developmental disabilities. Our student’s exhibit a wide range of functional levels, skills and abilities, with moderate to severe learning, communicative and behavioural disorders. Autism And You year-round day and evening programs are designed to meet the unique educational, social, emotional, and communicative needs of our students.

Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), the Children’s Residential Program incorporates behavioural teaching methods and structured learning experiences to increase and enhance skill development in areas such as personal care, communication, social interaction, recreation/play, and community integration. Support strategies identified by an Instructional Therapist (IT), Recreational Therapist (RT) and a Social Worker are an essential program component.

While the residential program is focused on providing consistent learning and growth opportunities for all children in order to develop skills, we recognize the importance of providing a variety of typical childhood experiences that are necessary to each individual’s development. These include community activities such as visits to museums, parks, swimming, movies, and dining out. The program also promotes opportunities for participation in an after-school program at a local community/recreation centre: that can include sports activities, arts and crafts, computer games and dance classes.

Teen Individual Alternative (IRAs) Program

Our Teen's Program offers a complete array of the highest quality services designed to enrich the lives of teens with autism and other developmental disabilities. This unique program supports and promotes the success of our teens Individual Residential Alternatives (IRA's). Based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and positive behavioural supports, the program is aimed at developing skills in communication, daily living, employment opportunities and leisure activities.

To promote a well-rounded lifestyle and integration into the community, we provide our students with a diverse selection of recreational and community involvement opportunities including shopping, hobbies, arts, and accessing public transit. We encourage family participation and offer suggestions for individuals to develop and maintain relationships with their families, friends and community members.

"I'm Confident About the Future."

Leon Johnson, B.A., BST

CEO and Founder